Black Stage 1 (includes 21 Space lights 5kW each)

350 Eu/day

Black Stage 2 (includes 18 Space lights 5kW each)

350 Eu/day

Green Cyclorama

250 Eu/day

White Cyclorama

150 Eu/day

Red Dragon Camera Package

350 Eu/day

Lighting and Grip Package

300 Eu/day

20' Technocrane with remote head

350 Eu/day

Green Screen Floor Tiles 2m x 3m (price for painting only)

8 Eu/tile

Studio Technician

40 Eu/day


0.15 Eu/KWh

Our Prices

Cinestage 1

Jan 5, 2015


Download 3D PDF for Cinestage1

Note: Please download the 3d PDF file in order to navigate in 3d space and use all the extras inside. Web browsers don't support this type of functionality.


Green Screen Cyclorama

    • U-shaped cyc for 270 degrees field of view
    • 9m (30 feet) high
    • Chroma green painted floor
    • Built using patented technology using “flat” corners to prevent unneeded highlights when shooting with top lights.
    • Using Composite Components chroma paint with the highest content of pure green color without any blue or yellow tint. The paint is at one stop of aperture brighter than other brands on the market.
    • 20 x Green painted floor mats (2m x 3m) 0.4cm width, used to cover light stands and props, or as floor protection covers.



Black Curtains

  • Two curtain rails go around the studio; one for green/blue screen cloths and the top one for black curtains.
  • Easy to position or remove by just rolling on the rail.
  • Huge variety (more than 40) of blue/green screen cloths available in various shapes and sizes, can cover all soundstage walls - top to bottom
  • The cyc can be fully covered with black curtains to reduce the green spill for no green screen related projects.



White Screen

Easy to install ready to use rig (15 minutes for setup) allows shooting in front of a white screen - "into nowhere" type of effect.

White Screen


Natural Top Light with Motorized Black-outs

  • The top windows provide nice diffuse top daylight suitable for many scenarios, saving time and effort for building complicated light setups.
  • Serve as “service lights" allowing the use of natural light during building sets or changing lighting setups.
  • Each motorized blackout curtain is independently controlled from the ground and can be opened or shut down in less than 8 seconds.
Natural Light


Motorized Lighting Grids

  • 2 independent motorized lighting grids, hanging from the ceiling with a dense structure allowing endless options for positioning.
  • The grids are controlled from the ground using synchronized electronic hoists. This practically eliminates the use of any pre-light days, since building a lighting setup is much faster on the ground. This shortens significantly the time for changing light setups and allows more sets to be shot per day.
  • The grids has 2 x 120A cables rigged for easy connections of any light
  • More than 35 barrel clamps and pole extensions allow any light configuration on the grid
    Lighting Grids
    Lighting Grids


Pre-build rig of Space Lights

  • Full set of space lights available above the green screen stage – 3 rows with 7 lights each, positioned and diffused like that so there are no hotspots on the ground.
  • The space lights are attached to an automated lighting grid that can be repositioned within seconds to any height with just a click of a button.
  • Each space light has 3 modes of dimming, creating endless possibilities to simulate a specific type of top light. Everything is controlled remotely from the ground using a computer or an IPad, allowing instant change of different light setups.
  • The space lights are flicker-free in high frame rate (slow motion) shots, because each bulb in each space light is using different phase of the electricity.

Space Lights


Ground Level Car/Truck Access

  • Easy access of cars, trucks or even a bus inside the soundstage allowing shooting of any vehicle on green screen.
  • Saves time and labor for carrying equipment and set pieces in and out of the stage.



Electrical Power

  • 95A (~200kW) on set power, connected to a film grade power distribution box offering all industry standards connectors of 120A, 63A, 36A, 16A and a common euro socket.
  • Full set of cables covering all on set needs for every light possible on set.
  • Two big power lines relayed to the power grids for easy light connections.


Dedicated Client Area

A dedicated air-conditioned client area is located next door to the soundstage, equipped with video control from all cameras on stage plus a survey camera with audio feed showing on stage activity.

Client HQ


Full Set of Equipment on Site

Cinemotion offers in house production equipment that covers all the needs of the soundstage, including lighting and grip. Cinemotion’s equipment is geared with wheeled stands, allowing much smaller crews to control bigger set of lights.

Download full equipment list here (coming soon)



Parking Lot

A parking lot for 35 cars and a large catering area are available right next to the studio. A bigger parking  lot for more than 70 cars is located just outside our premises, on the other side of the street.



Fully Equipt Post-production and VFX Studio in the Building

  • Cinemotion’s state of the art post production and VFX studio resides in the same building and is connected to the soundstage with fibre optics for fast and easy transfers of any data from the set.
  • Clients, shooting in the studio, can take advantage of the big (25+ people) post and VFX team to do fast tests or proves of concept without interrupting the shooting process.

Virtual Cinematography Studio

  • In Cinestage1, Cinemotion offers a fully functional virtual system, which allows real-time green screen keying and compositing of backgrounds, using moving cameras, removing the usual guesswork in the final outcome.
  • The system is tracking the camera in every moment in 3D space and supplies the information to our virtual cinematography system where 3D sets with up to 26 million polygons can be moved, lit, rendered and composited in real time with the live video feed.
  • The virtual sets library built in Cinemotion includes CG sets and real locations around the world using photo and video clips.

Virtual Studio


Vicon Motion Capture System

  • Cinestage1 is a motion capture stage equipped with Vicon’s latest generation motion capture system.
    Motorized grids help setting up the motion capture cameras by quickly configuring and reconfiguring each motion control setup.
  • The combination of green screen studio, the virtual system and the motion capture allows full virtual production with live actors interacting with CG creatures,  all this within virtual environments.
Motion Capture


20’ Technovision Technocrane™ on site

    • 20’ Technovision Technocrane™ is available for every shot allowing fast reposition of the camera at almost every point in the studio.
    • Remote motion control head controlled by geared wheels or pan bars, gives option for programmable moves and repeatable motions.
    • Cinemotion has the only fully encoded Technocrane™ recording every move, eliminating the need for matchmoving the shots later. Also available is real time connection to Autodesk Maya capturing every Technocrane™ move and recording all 6 axis of motion. Technocrane

Camera Packages

  • Fully equipped RED Dragon 6k camera with full set of accessories and PL prime lenses. For more information, please check camera section in Rentals menu.
  • Arri Alexa camera package coming soon.
  • Camera Packages



Please check some behind the scenes photos from shootings that took place recently in Cinestage1.
Note: All photos are taken and used here with the consent of Cinemotion’s clinets.



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